1. A girl who has had so much sex, that the mans penis flops round in her vagina.

2. A Man with a small penis, that flops around in a girls vagina.

3. Sad combination of both. (Its likely to happen too, cuz if she has hallway, then she likes the sex, and you have a penis, albeit small, you still have a good chance)
"Dude Tracy is a slutbucket, I was flopping around like a Hot Dog In A hallway"
by Zach "Tay Tay" October 21, 2006
a loose vadge. A slut or promiscuious girl.
"So I hear you tagged Abby the other nite. How was it?"
"Dude, it was like a hot dog in a hallway."
"That sucks grundle!
by Donnie Vomit January 6, 2006
In this fun phrase the hot dog represents a penis and the hallway represents the enormous vagina. Usually due to the fact that the woman has had many many sexual partners which has stretched the vagina walls to the size of a "hallway".
by King Log Calidro August 5, 2006
Short for "It was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway", this euphemism refers to what having sex with a really slutty girl might feel like. In essence, her previous activities have left her so loose that when you get in her, you can barely feel a thing.
Man, you know that girl I took home last night? Banging her was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
by Dr Darkmatter April 6, 2009
A hotdog down a hallway is when a female has been penetrated so much to the point where her vagina is lose and feels like you are throwing a hotdog down a hallway...
I couldn't get my nut off because her pussy was Soo lose it felt like throwing a Hot Dog down the Hallway...
by The_British_Jester June 16, 2018
An iPhone game for purchase on iTunes where you launch a hot dog down a hallway. Based on the innuendo for a very loose vagina
by amy0248 April 23, 2009
When a girl partakes in the unfortunate opportunity to hook up with a boy with a very small or very skinny, unpleasurable penis.
Janice described her sexual encounter to her friend during coffee the next morning,"His dick was so small, our sex was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!"
by Sexy ass bitch March 31, 2008