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1. A girl who has had so much sex, that the mans penis flops round in her vagina.

2. A Man with a small penis, that flops around in a girls vagina.

3. Sad combination of both. (Its likely to happen too, cuz if she has hallway, then she likes the sex, and you have a penis, albeit small, you still have a good chance)
"Dude Tracy is a slutbucket, I was flopping around like a Hot Dog In A hallway"
by Zach "Tay Tay" October 20, 2006
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When laying the pipe, you realize your dick isn't even touching the walls of her vagina, kind of like tossing a hotdog in a hallway. Most frequently happens when banging the neighborhood trick or if you're slinging a small dick.
by womanizer April 12, 2004
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a loose vadge. A slut or promiscuious girl.
"So I hear you tagged Abby the other nite. How was it?"
"Dude, it was like a hot dog in a hallway."
"That sucks grundle!
by Donnie Vomit January 06, 2006
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