A woman that is so hot she makes you melt like the butter on a hot biscuit.
Check out that Hot Biscuit that just walked in.
by fatmattos March 6, 2010
This defines a women being so attractive that she reminds a man of the satisfying taste of eating a "hot buttered biscuit". Usually, the man would want to "sop" that biscuit up and eat it !
Damn ! That girl reminds me of some hot buttered biscuits. I'd sop her ass up !
by johntailor2048 June 12, 2014
The action of passing gas into one's hands, and proceeding to offer someone a "Hot Air Biscuit."
Shelly totally just gave John a oven fresh hot air biscuit.
by Stumblies February 6, 2009
Even though it was pouring outside, he got all hot in the biscuit to go out.
by xman212 June 15, 2007
To be or feel excessively hot, so hot in fact, that the heat is comparable to the heat of fresh biscuits out of the oven.
That girl is hot as a biscuit.
Oh man, it's 92 degrees outside, and I am hot as a biscuit!
by kigityKatie May 1, 2012