when purchasing illegal drugs under the assumption it is legitimatly what you had intended to buy but turns out to be much more potent causing unintended effects such as overdose, sickness, or even death. Counterfeit product usually contains Fentanyl.
Dude did you hear that two people were arrested Mac Miller's death? They supposedly sold him a hot batch that was laced with fentanyl.
by Charlie Badass September 29, 2019
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the warm man chowder of a man spewing from ones pee hole, after a great time with his hand or his bitch, or gay man if you will.
After fucking my bitch, I spewed a hot batch on her back.
by Anonymous September 6, 2003
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a sexual act of ejaculating with great vigor, typically onto a partner's body.
"I love it when my boyfriend snaps a hot batch on me!"

"I'm so excited I'm snapping hot batches all over the place!"

"You called at a bad time, I'm about to snap a hot batch"
by achafe October 11, 2007
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