When you’re in doggy style (standing up) with a girl who has long hair, split her hair into both hands. Then, with her arms pointing to you, grab her arms still holding her hair. Use them as reins like a horse to control her body.
Babe: What’re you gonna do to me daddy?
Guy: I’m gonna ride that ass Horseback.
by Anoymo_2179 March 7, 2020
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Threesome with one guy at the bottom, he's the horse, then the girl is on top of him, she's the saddle, and another guy gets on top of the girl, he's the rider. This is horsebacking it's great and popular in Houston, ask anybody and they'll most likely say yes.
Ay, ya'll ever go horsebacking?

We were horsebacking like crazy man.
by h-towns_nibba February 15, 2018
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The healthiest, wisest and most kind choice of a drink. Are you sick? Are you lonely? Are you thirsty? Horseback water will not only quench your thirst but quench your societally needs. HBW will whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Horseback water is the healthiest form of liquid you can digest. The sole proprietor and the current birthright holder of HBW is Frankie Lagana.
Ezra: How's your horseback water?
James: It's so good, I feel healed!

Ezra: Praise God!
by Sean Rampolla November 15, 2020
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One of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship with your horse, you're not going to have a good experience. You need to spend as much time with your horse as you can, riding and on the ground. You need to learn how to work with your horse, not against your horse. It's a team sport, a team of two.

When everything is put together, and you reach a level of success, being on top of your horse is one of the most freeing feelings in the world. If you want to fly without the help of a man made machine, this is the only way you'll soar.
Me: "I can't go to the movies, I'm going horseback riding."
Friend: "Weren't you just there yesterday? Why do you have to go today?"
Me: "Yeah, I was there yesterday. I've gotta go spend time with my horse and ride."
Friend: "But that's so stupid."
Me: "Actually, quite the opposite. It's commitment and passion all rolled into one!"
by spiffyjimmy90 September 9, 2007
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a horseback rider is perhaps the greatest athlete, ever. Not only does she have to control a 1000 pound animal with the help of a small piece of metal, but she has to do it while making it look like it is effortless. Not to mention when they start putting things in front of you and you have to jump them.

Horseback riding takes every muscle of the body and is the most intense, dangerous sport. period.
Is she a horseback rider?

Well clearly, i mean look at those muscles!
by LISEEEEYYY April 23, 2012
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Very dedicated to her sport.Talks to her horse like its a person.Spends night and day at the barn.Can get over any guy with the help of her horse
I which i could date a "horseback rider" beacause they are flexiable
by ctb16 March 23, 2010
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A very intense sport which requires the use of every single muscle in you body to stay on when your horse decides he is finished. It also requires you to get up really early saturday morning, so it doesnt get too hot. It requires you to be out at the barn at any time 24/7 in the case that your horse decides to hurt himself and cost you hundreds of dollars. Considered the hardest sport, But in the end, Its worth it.
Person 1: horseback riding is gay&easy.
Person 2: ride a horse for an hour or so around dinner time, then come tell me its easy.

Person 1: My ass hurts like crazy!
Person 2: Why? all you did was ride yesterday.
Person 1: What the hell.
by youme&thebeach September 9, 2009
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