Hoppipolla is a song by the band Sigur Ros from their 2005 album Takk... It means "jumping into puddles" in Icelandic.
You: I'm bored
Me: We could go hoppipolla?
You: Yes, please!
by hfrei November 4, 2008
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A Korean boy band consists of 4 members: Hong Jinho(cellist), I'll(vocalist/keyboardist/sub guitarist), Ha Hyunsang(vocalist/keyboardist/sub guitarist), Kim Youngso(main guitarist). They've won the first place in Superband(JTBC's band audition program).
A: Did you watch Superband?
B: Yeah, I like Hoppipolla
by Hoper_ February 12, 2021
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A song that was once overplayed and sucked, but now that it doesn't get played it is good.
Ex:We Are Young is such a hoppipolla.
by Matt39 March 9, 2014
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the act of jumping into puddles.

pronunciation | hop-E-'pod-dla

origin: icelandic
"i enjoy hoppipolla on rainy days, it's calming."
by aImondmiIk June 21, 2019
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