to get jumped.

to get beat up by more than one person.
We gon' hopp this nigga.

Yo dat nigga got hopped sick!!!!

I love hopping bustas.

by RUDEDOGG65 October 02, 2006
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n. Someone who is a big deal either because of their phallical stature, or sheer size
by senor lupin December 07, 2009
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A method of bid to encourage engagement and participation within a dedicated community of shred pioneers.
"Dude 'Benjamin Bailout Mosley' just took another huge backflip off that hookless deck"
"Yeah he's got a fat stash of Alpha's and is Hoppeing to get the kids hooked on hookless then bump up the prices."
by fat stash of alphas March 14, 2018
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Always rejecting someone who has been wanting to date you for a while.
“Is it a yes yes, or a hoppe yes?”
“She hoppes me alot”
by Dhs-33 April 17, 2018
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Model-Plane flying and Linux-Loving super geek. He bounces when he walks and enjoys getting it on with more then one girl at once. People often mistake him for being in heat and he loves running around his home naked.
"I do alot more bouncing in the bedroom then I do when I walk" ~Hoppes
by Peter Swift April 24, 2003
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1- A character from the 2016 animated movie Zootopia
Oh my goodness look at Judy Hopps in her police outfit!
by Summer Morrison March 29, 2016
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