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The art of pissing someone, much like a Golden Shower but to do it to an unexpecting, unwilling participant.
To have a pissing fetish or uncontrollable urge to piss on someone when they don't want it.

Also the biggest form of idiotcy. Being the biggest jackass, loser, cum-goblin someone can be, the ultimate ass clown.
John loves to Hoosy his wife while she sleeps.

Hisaw got so drunk last night that he didn't just hose his wife he pulled a Hoosy all over her.

You can say it was an accident but we all know you wanted to Hoosy that hoe.

John got caught with the dog licking peanut butter off his balls last night, what a Hoosy!

Fuck you! You are such a Hoosy!
by bamamofo April 03, 2008
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