A girl who goes around and has sex with everybody. she goes round and round.
Jack: A have you heard of that girl jill
Joe: Yea shes cool bro.
Jack: Yea but shes a Hoola Hoop, she goes around screwing everyone.
by garland104675 January 11, 2010
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When a male and a female have sex in doggystyle position and the male does the hoolahoop with his hips and simultaneously thrusts. Makes the girl cum buckets
Omg, Jeffery totally did the The Hoola Hoop to me last night, felt so good.
by bigerman55 February 17, 2013
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A women, with an abnormally large cooter and the ability to swallow an entire XL penis (balls included) with her meatwallet.
The real talent begins when after the partner's "shit" has been engulfed in her hotbox, the Hoola Hoop Ho (HHH) begins to rotate around the male's package in a clockwise (sometimes counter-clockwise) motion
This can only be done by sluts, tramps, common street whores
"That Hoola Hoop Ho swallowed my balls" - paid lobbyist

Jeff: What the hell is a Hoola Hoop Ho?
Chris: the act of said ho sitting on your shit, and rotating her hips as if she is supporting a hoola hoop

by Louie Arduini December 12, 2006
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