A expression of joy, used by the comic, "Knight's of the dinner table"

Also is a pixie battle Cry
Hoody Hoo! I back bob up with my HackMaster +12!
by Lucas Hamel March 25, 2004
Used by roleplayers when excited or content/pleased
I Did it! I slew the swack iron dragon! Hoody hoo!!
by John September 13, 2003
the call for the killaz, usually yelled by players, pimps, and/or Master P
"HOODY HOO!!!!! That's the call for the killaz." -Master P

"You da captain, I'm da crunch, you got the dinner, I got lunch." -Master P again
by Nick D September 18, 2003
the call for the killas.
u kill someone then yell hoddy hoo. often used by no limit soldiers
by masta pee August 13, 2003
@ Starbucks.

"Do you have any of those Hoodie hoos?"

"Uhh, a cup sleeve?"

"Yeah a hoodie hoo"
by cNikole February 11, 2008