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'Awh man that place was pure Hoochin' so i ner went in'

Oh dear that place was very busy so i never went in.
by Curses,x September 06, 2009
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When one gets intoxicated and simply starts acting weird. May it be falling asleep, falling into a half-sleep trance, eating all your food, saying uncomfortable things, making weird faces, staring...etc.
Hey man, no joke, but you be hoochin'
by Ben G. January 06, 2009
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often referred to "getting some" or fooling around.
Hoochin was created to describe the scene at a hooch-fest (where people bring alcohol and hang out in a large group with music and the like) and everyone began to make out and engage in non-sex sexual acts (foreplay).
Often when people leave a group to hooch it is described as a hooch-fest due to its origin.
Tony: Man did you see Matt and Sarah hoochin?
Eric: Hell yeah, shit was a straight up hooch-fest.
by suede-o-name August 19, 2009
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