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A hot dog willy is when you jerk a man off and when he's about to cum, you stuff a hot dog in his urethra while screaming: "Willy!"
John: "Samantha gave me a hot dog willy last night, it felt amazing!"
by Hot dog willy April 30, 2015

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Creamy Nutella is when a man ejaculates into a jar of Nutella. He then gifts it to his sister, mother, grandmother, or girlfriend as a gift. It is commonly done by white folk because of their love for Nutella.
John: "I made some creamy Nutella last night. I prepared it for my girlfriend!"
Davis: "Yum! Can I have some?"
by Hot dog willy May 08, 2015

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Honk Honk means to squeeze your titties while screaming out: "Honk Honk!" Many women and trans people do this to indicate they are ready for mating season.
Giuliano: "I saw my mother honk honking yesterday.. I guess I'm ready for a sibling!"
Weeaboo man: "Damn.. That's hot!"
by Hot dog willy May 02, 2015

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Semen that is extremely salty and tastes atrocious. One of the many reasons why there are some people that spit and don't swallow.
David: "Samantha, I thought you said you swallow.."
Samantha: "That was before I realized you are salty supreme.."
by Hot dog willy July 18, 2015

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Vag Tang is when a female lightly seasons her genitalia with Montreal steak seasoning. She then uses a meat tenderizer to make her genitalia loose and juicy. Once she finishes the first two steps, she then uses a basting brush to spread a tangy sauce of her choosing to suit the needs of her mate. It can either taste delicious or repulsive depending on who is doing the eating.
Barbra basted her vagina with barbecue sauce because her husband wanted to try the famous Vag Tang.
by Hot dog willy August 08, 2015

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