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Another derogatory word for somebody that is lame.

Somebody that is so fucking gay and retarded that there is only one word for that and it is homotard.
I told you no mustard you fucking homotard, can you ever get my fucking order right?
by Beckie B. September 20, 2008
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Somebody who has displayed that he can act queer from time to time and also be a fucking idiot.
"Molina, would you quit being such a's getting on everyone's nerves."
by Dan M. April 15, 2003
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An unfortunate individual who, because of his retardation, is unable to express his homosexuality effectively.

You know, Timmy would be kind of dreamy if he weren't such a homotard.


We just saw this movie about this gay retarded guy... it was called 'Homotard 2: Tard Harder'
by TheGooch May 14, 2007
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some dude that acts like a moron with a homosexual tendency

or...someone mentally retarded who is gay
"you... are a homotard"
by hedwig robinson October 21, 2004
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They're not just super gay or retarted, they're both.
Homosexual + Retard = Homo Tard
God my mother is such a fucking homo tard!
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
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Your father after 5 quarts of whiskey
Your fathwer the homotard came on to me at the party.
by Your Mother February 07, 2003
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