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When someone says no homo, where exactly does the homo go?

Well according to the first law of Homodynamics states that the total homosexuality of an isolated system is constant; homosexuality can be transferred from one person to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.

This means that everytime someone exclaims the words "no homo" the homo must be transferred from one person to another through the other person responding with "full homo" if no such response is said the homo will be transferred into the atmosphere contributing to gay smog which will eventually lead to the extinction of straight

people and humanity everywhere.

Such a noble sacrifice can be manageable by always having a gay friend around to say "full homo" and be further infected with the BIG gay.
Homodynamics at home:

You:"traps aren't gay"
Trap: "Shut the fuck up faggot"
You: "no homo..."
Trap: "full homo"
by Souly_uwu June 10, 2018
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A personal trait or feature that gives a person the ability to approach & attract another member of the same sex with relative ease (like aerodynamic is to aeroplanes). It is often referred to as 'fagnetic' in men & 'lesbodynamic' in women. The opposite of homostatic or homostagnant.
Did you notice how smoothly that guy just picked up that other guy? He's so homodynamic.
by Mr X Vaganza November 04, 2009
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