A strong phenomenon that occurs between two or more homies when they form a totally non-physical, sexual bond. It is not gay and fellow homies can talk about their feelings and experiences while being supported and/or fisted.
Homie 1: “ Hey bro.”
Homie 2: “ Hey bro.”
Homie 1: “Close your eyes bro.”
Homie 2: “ Ok bro.”
Homie 1: “What do you see?”
Homie 2: “ I see darkness bro.”
Homie 1: “ That’s my world without you bro.”
Homie 2: “Is this Homie love bro?”
Homie 1: “ Only the best for you bro.”
by The Homie, Eros November 13, 2018
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Homie love isn't homosexual if you convey homie love to your homie thats you being the real deal.
Ryder:Hey man what you want
Carl johnson: Seeing my homie, whats up with u
Ryder:yeah,homie, yeah yeah its 's good seeing you back
Carl Johnson:No homie love? No hug
Ryder:oh for sure, for sure my nigga, my bad,whats crackin' with you?
Carl Johnson:hey man what you strapped for?
Ryder:Man,some pizza place keeps painting over out hit up man!
Ryder:That shit is beautiful.Teach the owner a lesson.
Ryder: He's fucking with grove street.You down?
Carl Johnson : I'm always down
Ryder: Ahhhh ,yeah Let's go bitch.
by Yukki Felinski July 09, 2019
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When you show your homie some love with a fist bump.
Me: bye jenna. Homie love.
Jenna: bye joe. Homie love.
Fist bump.
by irie stylee April 20, 2017
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