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1. From the 1990 Chris Columbus hit, "Home Alone" in which an eight year-old, who is accidentally left behind while his family flies to France for Christmas, has to defend his home against idiotic burglars. To "home alone" something is to set up traps, usually to the physical disadvantage of the intruder. The following are just examples of the painful surprises included in this term:

*Blowtorch rigged to door

*Fan and feathers rigged to tripwire

*Heated iron attached to lightbulb

*Tar on basement steps, massive nail hidden in one step
Example One:
"Jesus, somebody broke into my car! That's the second time this year!"

"Dude, you better home alone it."
by Green Rock October 28, 2004
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When you are getting a blow job or fucking a slut you want nothing to do with, you pull out and cum on the chicks face and say "Keep the change you filthy animal"
I pulled a home alone on this bitch last night and she was pissed off! I never wanted to see her anymore anyway.
by DgMagee February 01, 2010
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Just call the fucking cops you moron.
Being robbed: The phone is next to the boy, robbers enter. THROWS FUCKING PAINT AT THE ROBBERS HEAD: HOME ALONE SUCKS
by Butch please March 24, 2019
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A fucking spastic ass dumb nigga kid who is a brick layer and plans a war defence for 34 years and is successful, he fucks up marv so hard that he needs the have very heavy surgery on his brain. Also harry the midget ass nigga boy with his mini nigga beanie that gets doinked in the head by a big ass bucket, all of kevins family members are mentally fucking retarded as they leave him "home alone" about 5 fucking times and his brothers are fucking spastics because they dont give a shit about him they just care about what fucking toy they get under the Christmas tree, fucking spastics.
Home alone is a shitty nigga movie.
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by RichYa August 03, 2018
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the face and accompanying scream a female makes upon realizing that her man has ejaculated in his hands and smacked her with said hands.
Jenna, hearing Ryan's scream, realized she must be home alone with another stranger.
by Josh Dell August 05, 2006
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