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A self-proclaimed holy text consisting of 66 books which create an Old Testament and New Testament. There are many varying interpretations of the bible which has led to many wars in the name of the bible's proposed author Jehovah which still consists to this day (see George Bush). According to the text, if you don't accept Jesus Christ into your life, you will burn forever in hell.
A fundamentalist Christian is a person who reads and believes every word of the Holy Bible.
by Goddunit October 19, 2008
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1. Using a personal deity as defined by a self described holy text such as the Holy Bible or Torah, for example, to describe the natural functions and phenomena of any part(s) of the universe.

2. Often associated with a lack of education or a fundamental lack of understanding of science. Although it is more likely due to the person's unwillingness to accept scientific theory even if they do understand because it disagrees with their religious beliefs. Some religious people have gone to great lengths to prove their goddunit ideas with pseudo-sciences like creationism. Creation museums have even been opened in the United States although it is against federal law for creation to be taught in school as it has no scientific basis.

3. Used in a derogatory way to insult a person's willingness to push away all other things which disagree with his religious interpretation of the perplexities of nature. Derived from the words "God done it" to popularized by people who live in the southern states of America where it is more acceptable to use improper grammar.

4. A simple, all encompassing way to explain how everything happens. The religious theory of everything.

See creationism, intelligent design
"God done it (Goddunit) and I believe it so that settles it! I have faith in the Lord and nothing will change that so end of discussion I am done posting! Good bye and GOD BLESS." - Anonymous Christian poster on a religious debate forum.
by Goddunit October 19, 2008
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A term usually used in any prison or lockup situation where a person talks shit from behind the safety of a window in an attempt to look like a hard ass. The goal of the window warrior is to put up a facade that he wants to fight when in reality he does not.

Often conflicts occur in a rec yard or rec area. When the window warrior sees that there is someone who can beat his ass in the rec yard, he may start screaming and making gestures at the person to put on a display that he wants to fight. This will cause the correctional officer to keep the two separate at all times in the future to prevent the conflict, benefiting the window warrior because he doesn't have to face the conflict and get beat up or punked out in front of everyone. He can then continue to talk shit from behind the safety of his window while maintaining his tough image to his fellow inmates.
"He doesn't really want to fight. He's just a bitch ass window warrior."
by Goddunit October 19, 2008
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