The sequel (or probably prequel) of Hollow Knight, a 2017 Metroidvania styled game developed by Team Cherry.

Has a quicker pace than Hollow Knight and is played as one of the early bosses of Hollow Knight, Hornet. Also, it is one of only 2 games made by Team Cherry. Maybe has deep lore?
Mossbag: You should try Hollow Knight: Silksong.
Other Hooman: OK then I will try it.
by 46290_toetull_hooman November 5, 2019
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Person 1: Hey are you excited for Hollow Knight: Silksong?
Person 2: Cmon man you know that’s just a myth right?
by its ya boi bug guy September 11, 2021
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An old wives tale. It will never exist, and those who say it does are dirty liars and should be crucified for their blasphemy.
The protagonist is coo tho and there is sadly r34s of her.

RIP hornet...
Guy A: Hey, y'know when is Hollow Knight: Silksong gonna release?
Guy B: Never. Its fake.
*Guy A gets crucified, and burns on the cross*
by Aleckzander the Worst November 13, 2021
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A cool sequel to Hollow Knight that will never come out (at least not when you’re alive.)
Person 1: When is Hollow Knight Silksong release date being revealed?
Person 2: Never.
by moth. August 7, 2021
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