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Hoesly refers to a member of the Hoesly clan, a highly influential and advanced race of people with above average looks, intelligence, and personality. There are multiple individual Hoesly families, all owning their own business. The Wisconsin Hoesly's are apparently the largest group and own Hoesly's meats, however contact has been limited since the great migration West on the Oregon Trail. The Vancouver Hoesly's own the best auto repair shop in the area, and the Portland Hoesly's are involved on both sides of the law. The nearby Ridgefield Hoesly's are busy building a Hoesly compound, where all true Hoesly's can live together relying on eachother, and declare their own sovereign nation, and/or survive the impending apocalypse, or something.
stranger:"Hey your last name is Hoesly, I can make fun of that word quite easily!"

Hoesly: *bites thumb and adds to list of enemies of the family*
by Dr. Jose von Hoesly June 13, 2011
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The coolest last name you'll ever come across. All Hoesly's have an awesome sense of humor, and hilarious facial expressions. Always there to make you laugh and be a good friend. Hope you know a Hoesly!
oh, Hoesly did!
by columbiatimber14 June 13, 2011
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