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A hoeseph is to be a female 'bro' or 'broseph' to another person (this other person can be male or female). This is only to be used for females that follow the brother code and is never an insult.

Derived from the word hoe, a female derogatory, though manipulated in the tough exterior from a friend to appear humorous and not a legitimate insult. Followed up and replaced in broseph form.

A hoeseph is the equivalent female version of broseph. Males and females may have multiple brosephs and hoesephs.
Guy Friend - Hey broseph is that your girl friend?

You - Nah man, she's cool though... She's my hoeseph.

Guy Friend - A hoeseph of yours is a hoeseph of mine, welcome to the group!

Female Friend/Hoeseph - Thanks broseph!
by Master Samus May 27, 2011
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The female version of broseph. It has no relation to being a hoe. A hoe-seph is a bro who is a girl. Usually the non bitch of girl community.
Hey what's up Hoe-seph?
by Chasm of Gasm August 25, 2011
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the boy in your life that is such a bitch but he's lowkey super cuddly and sweet. he can be an asshole and blackmail you for affection because he's such a hoeseph.
God dammit Joe! Stop acting like a hoeseph
by LunaOrion November 30, 2017
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