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hobo Slide |ˈhōˌbō - slīd|
noun ( pl. -boes or -bos)
verb ( past slid |slid|) intrans.
accidentally sliding on a homeless persons feces on a sidewalk or public place; an act that brings one closer to being a hobo.
• trans. move along a surface on feces in such a way : she slid on the crap on the sidewalk.
• change gradually to a worse condition or lower level : the countries economy is on a hobo slide: he grew a beard and has holes in his shirt, he's on a hobo slide.
ORIGIN early 21st cent.: an Indian girl in San Francisco muttered the words to a friend as she attempted to eat ice cream.
let something slide negligently allow something to deteriorate : The dude had tape on his glasses, he's on a hobo slide.
by Frankybobanky April 20, 2009
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The act of engaging in anal sex with a dirty stinky homeless bum (with the bum being on the "receiving" end). The "slide" portion of the phrase refers to the lack of need for decent lube, since in all likelihood the hobo hasn't wiped his/her ass in several months. We recommend wearing condoms, since you don't want all that feces to get stuck inside your urethra.

As a special contingency for the distinguished gay man, if your partner has ever "released" on you during anal sex, you could really embarrass the piss out of him with this.

Even more disturbingly, you necrophiliacs out there probably find this very useful (think about it).
Girlfriend/Boyfriend give ya blue balls? No problem! Head out to the park and take the hobo slide!
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