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A small beach town, if you drive through it and blink you might miss the entire town. **Stonersville** and one of the best places to live in Florida. Party-central.
Hobe sound
I'm in the mood to beach it, and get shitty-Hobe Sound.
by SouthernGirl1861 July 18, 2008
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Middle-of-nowhere town. Cute, but still in the middle of nowhere. Serves to direct tourists en route to Disney World in the wrong direction and direct drunks en route to Key West to Disney World. They have a wild prayer group. Other than that there is NOTHING to do there. Except go to the beach. But the local surfers will be unforgiving if you suck.
1. Girl: What is there to do in Hobe Sound?

2. Wannabee Surfer: OMGLOOKITMESURFLOL.*surfs terribly*
Surfers: YOU DO NOT BELONG IN HOBE SOUND.*proceed to hit WS with the fin side of their boards*
by Candy Skullz July 31, 2009
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