Hot Chocolate. Cocoa.

A tasty beverage made of chocolate (cocoa powder), milk or water. Traditionally and best served hot, it is a great cold weather drink.

Likelihood of being found obnoxious increases when referring to hot chocolate as 'Ho Cho.'
Percival: I'm freezing, let's get some coffee.

Max: It is cold. How about some hot chocolate?

Eli: Mm, I love ho cho.
by Missdani October 13, 2008
Brr, it's cold tonight! I could really go for a cup of ho cho!
by Juliamoon December 4, 2008
A delectable and savoury treat. For added pleasure, serve luke-cool with cream of the whipped variety and grated chocolat. Synonomous with "Frozen Hot Chocolate."
"Mum, where's my Fro Ho Cho? Bitch please"
by Vogt May 19, 2007
An African American woman who solicits prostitution for money...or cocaine. Generally found in a more urban atmpsphere, the Cho Ho has recently been tracked migrating into smaller less densely populated suburbs.
Lets go downtown, find a cho ho and get our dicks wet!
by the angry baker August 27, 2009