Ily( i love you)

Ilyt ( i love you to )
by Hanshsndh January 18, 2017
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Commonly known as "Hit my Line" but misinterpreted as "Hate my Life" it could possibly mean both.

The retarded way to say "text me"
Gertrude we should hang sometime hml
by stxfanix May 22, 2015
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Stands for Hate My use it when you're extremely stressed out, usually from school...sometimes u can say IFHML (I fuckin hate my life)
So much homework to do, god HML!
by MikeFrag November 18, 2006
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This either means "Hit my line" or "Hate my life". So go ahead and ask "what's wrong" or say "Hey" see whats wrong if they say nothing then say OK and talk to them see how they're doing. And if they mean "Hate my life" ask them what you can do and just be there for them and comfort them.
by loveyourstyle101 June 19, 2018
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HML: Hate my life. Just like "fml" but hating instead.
I just failed the test! HML!
She broke up with me! HML!
by EvieLove(: March 17, 2011
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"Heavy Metal Lover", a song off Lady Gaga's album Born This Way.
My favorite song off of Born This Way is definitely HML.
by MuhMuhMuhMichael February 11, 2012
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An abbreviation for "how much longer," usually used in games where a user must wait to play with his/her party.
hml is it going to take for you to finish your dota game.
by Mike Fang May 26, 2008
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