A method for consuming the small pieces of snack items left in the bag after all of the easily handled pieces have been consumed.

Generally, the portion of the snack consumed by this method contains higher concentrations of salt and flavorings making this portion highly desirable.

1) Make sure easily handled portions have been consumed.
2) With one hand, grab one of the bottom corners of the bag.
3) With the other hand, grab the top corner of the bag on the same side as the bottom corner in the opposite hand.
4) Pull the two corners apart to create the smoothest path from the bottom corner to the top.
5) Tilt the bag to collect the remaining snack portions into the bottom corner held in your hand.
6) Bring the top corner to your mouth
7) Lift the bottom corner while keeping the top corner such that the snack portion slides right onto your tongue.
8) Tell anyone around you how awesome hitting the corner is.
1) Dude, he hit the corner and got chips all over his face!

2) What are you doing!? I wanted to hit the corner!

3) He made me laugh while I was hitting the corner. So I blew chips all over his dashboard!
by mrazekan August 3, 2010
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Based on the iconic DVD logo bouncing around the screen, ‘hits the corner’ is a phrase to express your satisfaction regarding a particular subject.
Wow, that video really hits the corner.”
by indigraffi March 16, 2019
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