One who has the characteristics of both a hippie and a hipster. Female hippiesters are often seen with their pit hair flowing freely from the arm holes of their American Apparel tanktops.
"Ugh, did you smell that?? Twas the BO of that chick in the neon jumpsuit. That diry hippiester."

"What smells worse than a car full of hippiesters listening to the latest Black Kids record? Nothing!"
by Amyzing69 August 12, 2008
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The most original, interesting, creative, and thoughtful sense of style, emotions, and way of life. They enjoy exploring their minds and the world as opposed to dwelling on social norms. They're free spirited individuals who have spawned off from the both classic hippies and modern day hipsters. Instead of re-living the 60's, hippiesters merely find inspiration from that era to paint out their lives.
"-Hey man did you see that hippiester?

-Yeah, how can I learn to let my guard down and be free like her?!"
by dirtypillow101 December 15, 2009
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Self-righteous, avocado toast eating, festival attending, frequent feigned destitution, major cause of the slow demise of society as we know it
I’ve never seen anyone more hippiester than than guy with the beard and an iPhone begging for money to go on phish tour
by __a___e October 20, 2017
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The rise of indie music during the 90s and 2000s brought into the mainstream arena has created a spawn of hell known as the hippiester kind. The general focus of a hippiester is mainly listening to underground indie music that everyone once thought that was cool, for example: Neutral Milk Hotel, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, et cetera, but lost its flair due to the fact of popularization of the music in general. Hippiesters also enjoy there occasional recreational drugs to go along with their indie experience as well as alcohol. Dont get forget there awesome fashion line of plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and sandals.
Goddamn look at steve man guzzling that alcohol and smoking pot all at once, I think he is listening to MGMT or is that the Decemberists, nah man thats Peter Bjorn and John, god that is cool as fuck. OH man he is wearing skinny jeans even though culturally, kids of the emo/punk kind started wearing that shit first wow amazing! such a hippiester.
by socioindiepath July 17, 2009
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