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Himari is the name of someone who is very sweet and caring. She'll always be there to help when you're in need. She always wears a smile, and can make the darkest day seem not that bad. You'll have to be careful, though. Himari's are very good at hiding feelings. She may seem ok on the outside, but she could be the exact opposite on the inside. If you have a Himari in your life, don't lose her. It would be the biggest mistake you've ever made.
Person 1: Who's that girl over there?
Person 2: Oh, that's Himari. She's really nice.
by EpicDragonMaster2000 November 03, 2019
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Blinding white,sparkly,blob like presence.
Has affection towards tomatoes
Also know as 'The Wall'
Bro who that ghost in the corner?
Thats a Himari dude...duh
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by Black Bird White January 11, 2018
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