Himanshu's are fun loving guys who will do anything to brighten up your day! Himanshu's laugh a lot and have a great sense of humor. They talk a lot and are very social extroverts but have a very small friend circle.

They care more about others and are of helpful nature. They usually keep to themselves when they feel down and need someone to lift their spirits up.

They love studying new things and going on little adventures.Himanshu's don't concentrate on grooming, but when they do they look stunning.

They concentrate a lot on work and are workoholics, A himanshu needs to learn to balance life and work or will end up in a miserable life.

Himanshu’s love to hangout but don’t take on the initiative which is their minus point. Himanshu's have no idea of finding out who has a crush on him and overthink about asking him/her out. Himanshu's usually have a close person who's name starts with S or A and tend to fall in love with their bestfriend.
If you are a himanshu dont overthink a lot about the future consequence and miss out the best things or relationships in life.
If you find a Himanshu never let go of him/her! You meet them once in a lifetime.
Girl 1: I have a crush on Himanshu!
Girl 2: Oh! A Himanshu? That's so great! He's such an awesome guy!
Girl 1: He’s not able to take the hints that I like him.
Girl 2: That’s cause he’s your bestfriend! He’ll know soon enough!
by YourUrbanPerson February 20, 2022
Himanshu is a tall dark gentleman which are rare to find in this society. Himanshu is very friendly in nature, fun person to hung out with and most of Himanshu friends name start with A's and H's. Apart from academic focus, Himanshu are well known for their responsible nature and work commitment and good alcohol capacity. Cooking is also a common habit found in Himanshu.
A friend in need, Himanshu in deed..!!
by In interest of public March 12, 2019
The dude I'm so obsessed with and I can't get over despite not dating him and also not seeing him for 4 years now.
My friend: Bruh, you're still talking about himanshu??
Me: yes tf? I'm still obsessed over him -_-
by Definitely_not_yasmine June 23, 2021
"Who is your favorite?"

- "Himanshu"

"Good choice"
by ori24 February 8, 2010
Himanshu is an Indian name, him+anshu, means ice+particle.
Sometimes related to Himalays mountain and part of ice.
I met a guy yesterday , his name was Himanshu.
by himanshu bhamra February 22, 2008
A person with the biggest ego ever found in this world. Will always try to be better than everyone in sight, even the person who teaches him something. A himanshu cares a lot about his future, in fact, that's the only thing he cares about! A himanshu displays various sudden acts of movement in the face, like sudden twitches of the eye and nose, and often blames the movements on a "cold" or his glasses. Himanshu is always the best at everything he does. Even if he isn't, he thinks he is.
person 1: hey man, wanna learn this new trick on the skateboard? himanshu: i'm better than you. person 1: i contributed 20000000 dollars to the charity this year. himanshu: i contributed 200000001 dollars. person 1: i slept at 12 am last night himanshu: i slept at 12:01 person 1: himanshu, would you choose to take care of your parents, or your college? himanshu : i'm better than you.
by manza March 16, 2013