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The result of cross breeding between a Hamster and a Piglet. Higlets are known to be mentally retarded, have no co-ordination and little, if any, dignity. Higlets are angry creatures by nature and often prey on young oriental children.
Maaaaan! That Higlet just got smashed by that taxi!!
by Ernlar June 18, 2011
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Higlets - Half niglets when a white guy shags a black bird and the kids are half black and half white. higlets.
sean:yo dude me and my black bird are gonna make some niglets innit

Dave:nah man i screwed her 10 times already, they are gonna be higlets
by Some Randomer August 24, 2006
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This is the result of either an accidental or a forceful sexual encounter with a nigger in which some form of mentally retard half nigger higlet is spawn. Also known as a Halfrican.
Holy shit! I just raped some dumb nigger and now she's gonna give birth to a dirty nigger slave higlet!
by The Supreme Nigger February 26, 2005
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