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Ah, beautiful Hightstown, New Jersey, exit 8 on the NJ Turnpike and located directly in the center of this magnanimous state. Let us bathe ourselves in its diversity as though we are dipping into a warm bath on a freezing day in the dead of winter on the great mid-atlantic plain that is New Jersey. But why, you may ask? Because Hightstown is unique. Travel to some town in southern PA and try to find a mix of Latin Americans, African Americans, all kinds of white Americans, Indian Americans, and Asian Americans equal to that of glorious Hightstown. Let's love this great motley town with its antique American mainstreet and residential area at the center (what is Hightstown), the quintessential American suburb (East Windsor, let's not exclude Twin Rivers), and then a couple of farms scattered across the landscape. This is Hightstown, a place of particular normality.
-I took a walk from slowdown to Lee's Turkey Farm, down to the rivers, over to Etra, and found myself swimming in Peddie Lake when I chose to go streaking across Peddie's campus, and climb up the flag pole of Hightstown Highschool, then out to route 130 where I took a couple stops at every mini-mall to relieve myself.
by Janis Mironov May 09, 2005
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A place where all the hoes & wanna be ganstas are at. There's nothing much to do there except movies or like most idiots do, go to the rivers and find some old Mexican to buy them alcohol and "boagies" so they could get "bopped" Theres only one highschool where all the little whore are.. Ex. Fabiola Q, Karen O, Maria, Veronica, Diana.. etc.
idiot 1: ayo let's go to hightstown and get bopped.
friend: fuck you hightstown is whack.
by ohyeahhhh September 18, 2009
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