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A small and over priced prep-school where the most unfriendly and prudish girls and douchiest guys come to congregate, skip class, and act like they are better than everyone even though most are middle class and very few are attractive. Guys are chauvinistic and abusive for the most part, yet are still loved by many bitchy girls. Athletics are mediocre for the most part though the boys soccer and lacrosse teams have had moderate success, though athletes will talk like they are the best in the country.

A school for total bitches and losers who will be supported by mommy and daddy for their whole life.
Highland School Guy 1 to HS Girl 1: Hey there, how are you?
HS Girl 1: Hi (smiles sarcastically)
HS Girl 1 to HS Girl 2: OMG! Guy 1 is SUUUCH a weirdo! He tries to talk to me, and I'm not even his best friend! I only hooked up with him ONCE!!!
HS Girl 2: OMG girl 1, he's soo weird. I think you just ignore him. I HATE it when people are polite and friendly!
HS Girl 1: I KNOW. Polite and friendly people are so NOT normal!!
by hawkstudent11 December 06, 2010
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