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A town in northwest Indiana or "the region" that is in between Munster, Indiana and Griffith, Indiana. It is about 40 minutes from Chicago. It is a very middle-class town with a couple upper middle-class areas. It has slightly above mediocre schools and slightly above mediocre people. The town used to be Munster's rival in everything, but as Highland's talent went down in just about everything, Munster decided to divert their energy and talent to more worthwhile rivals like Lake Central and Crown Point. Highland is left to rival Hammond and Griffith which is not really saying much of anything. This town is known for being the town that stole all the good stores from Hammond because Hammond started to become ghetto. Every average store (like Target, Kohl's, Border's, Meijer, Best Buy, Dick's, Marshalls, etc.) you can find in Highland. That is pretty much all the town is good for. It is basically the Ford Taurus of suburbs: BORING.
Girl 1: Highland, Indiana is the most boring place ever! Nothing ever happens.

Girl 2: Want to pretend to be rich and go to Munster?

Girl 1: No, I'd rather pretend to be poor and go to Gary.

Girl 2: Awesome! Let me start the Taurus.
by uknowme125521 February 21, 2011
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A town of middle to upper middle class folks in Northwest Indiana. Though, its residents would try to make you believe otherwise. There are small areas of the town that pull weight, and everyone else pretends they're on the same level. Arrogant, pretentious, and spiteful are the only words I can come up with when describing this pocket of dreadful people.
Avoid Highland, Indiana if you can. If you try to just be yourself, people will think you're acting too cool for school.
by BarnicleBoy September 26, 2012
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