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Internet meme started in the Dungeons & Dragons Online MMORPG first and then refined (mostly in form) in the DDO Forums.

The definition is hard to quantify. Some would call it a "slam" or some sort of "snarky" reply. While that can be true it is much more subtle than that. It's meaning is more of a feeling than anything else. How can one possibly define Love adequately? They can't, of course, and likewise, no one can adequately define Hi Welcome

Form: Just to review the form quickly, it should always be written with a capital H and a capital W. No punctuation is permissable either. It should always be written - Hi Welcome and no other way. If you're writing it in another language (and assuming the language has capital letters), only the first letter of each word should be capitalized and again no punctuation is used. The lone exception to the "only the first latter in each word is capitalized" rule is for the Chinese form not written in characters. In this case Ni Hao HuanYing is correct. This is due to a peculiarity of the Chinese language.
Here is one example:

Someone (most likely a n00b or a known forum jackass) has just given a long forum rant displaying a lack of experience, social adeptness, and most of all...intelligence.

You reply with: Hi Welcome

In this particular case it may mean, "Allow me to welcome you both with my literal words and with an active display of how much you fit in by being tone deaf, dumb, and uncritical of your babbling myself. Because anyone able to engage your arguments would rip them to shreds, the most sincere welcome you can get is from someone unwilling to do so as demonstrated by their simple vocabulary and punctuation and seeming lack of thought put into the response."
by Arkat August 12, 2010
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a somewhat derisive term used in the MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited's forums

It's meaning is really wrapped up in the context in which it is used.

If there's a real flame war going on, it's much more derisive but with a hint of snarkiness. I think it somewhat more clever than calling someone a "*** guzzler."

If you're just playing around with someone in a fairly inocuous thread, it really conveys more of a "ha ha chucklehead, you're a n00b" kind of thing. It's still a slam but not a particularly mean one in those circumstances.

The meaning changes can be somewhat subtle/ephemeral so you'll really have to base whether you should use it or not more or less on gut instinct. Or rather, the readers of your post will have to interpret your meaning more or less on gut instinct. Hi Welcome must ALWAYS follow the proper form. Otherwise, it's meaning is lost.
Noob Forum Poster:" How i getz phat lootz quik in dis game?"

Forum Veteran:" Hi welcome"
by Ashurr August 12, 2010
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