Hey, a word a horny female to say when they want the dick
Female: Hey
Male: *gets boner*
by Fane Japell April 05, 2020
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1 its for horses
1-hey whats up

2-hey is for horses
by Sean Fitzpatrick September 01, 2008
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Interjection used to warn somebody not to do something that's either stupid, inappropriate, insane, or illegal.
Hey-hey-hey! Not the self-destruction button!
Hey-hey-hey! That's my vagina!
Hey-hey-hey! You can't put your baby in the drier!
Hey-hey-hey! That's taxpayer bailout money, not your bonus!
by Coco Nut April 05, 2010
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1. Fat Albert's saying

2. The coolest dude in Little Nicky

3. An annoying comment to get someone to listen to you
1. "hey hey hey"
2. "hey hey hey"
3. "hey hey hey"
by Mad Ash January 22, 2004
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favourite thing for botuko to say when he lands a spike or somethi g
shut up botuko
by ONEMINORWEEB_LMAO February 13, 2021
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