An exclamation used in the form of a greeting, especially amongst gay men. The phrase is generally used to address a group of gay friends, usually conveyed with great enthusiasm. The expression first gained popularity on YouTube due to frequent use by, YouTube celebrity, William Sledd. The singular variant of “Hey Bitch!” is rarely used colloquially, as it can be mistaken for hostility.
"Hey Bitches! How's it going?"

"Hey Bitches! Have you Bitches seen my cell phone?"
by eros9love April 18, 2007
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•it’s usually used between two friends or when someones very angry at you or another person

b-i-t-c-h is another word for female dog which can be very offensive if you say that to any random female it will most likely cause a fight
1.a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
express displeasure; grumble.
"they bitch about everything"

•two friends talking friend one “ sup bitch
friend two “ hey hoe

•two people in a heated conversation person one “ sup bitch “ person two “ what the fuck man? “
by ego [eg-o] 🍳 May 15, 2022
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The slang or word Hey bitch means like hey wassup whore you know
You would use the term "Hey bitch" to your female friends (black preferably)
by Am i black or white (Both) November 28, 2020
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Adam says “hey bitches and bros and non-binary hoes” in the sk8 the infinity dub ep8

the only good thing that has come out of that man's mouth
hey bitches and bros and non-binary hoes
by 1014a April 12, 2021
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