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A Heth Is An Expression or a Term used to describe a person in a negative but loving manner.
Kaitlyn: You’re Such A Heth for Working There
by AlphaCodeBlack June 08, 2018
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a green stop/plus sign glowing object that fulfills your health, usually build by the RESICLER or sent by the Armory.
<xana> get heth
by <AMS>SILVER August 07, 2008
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'Heth'-Originally designed by a man named Paul to put into words an indescribable feeling of emotion.
1. 'Oh 'Heth'!I've missed the hething bus!'
2. 'Ooh 'Heth',Im so knackered'
3. 'HETH!'
by Felixmyicecreamilllickhis October 21, 2006
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