Deixa eu lamber sua xana?
"Let me lick your pussy?"
by Allex May 22, 2007
German girl famed for having the world's most massive vagina. It is theorized that entire landmasses, including the lost city of Atlantis, have been claimed by Xana's enormous sexual organ.
Oh man. The grand canyon is nothing in comparison to Xana's grand canyon, if you know what I mean.
by Hank Pym July 9, 2004
fucksociety female forum user who has dated about half of all FS FORUM members.

See also Kait.
What!?! XANA AND ___ ARE DATING?11/?1?
by lolpwnt April 2, 2004
A really beautiful girl usually has a sister who's name starts with an H and a big family. She has a group of best friends of 4.
Wow Xana is so pretty!!
Have you seen her sister?
by djxiKama May 24, 2020