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A high school in Hershey, PA, were everybody thinks they are awesome at everything even though they are just an average high school. All the guys act like hero jocks, and all of the girls are backstabbing Daddys' girls, with the exception of the girl athletes, who are more manly than the guys at the school. The most hated school in the Mid Penn district, Hershey has a bad name due to their obnoxious fans, bickering parents and corrupt school administration. However, Hershey is remarkably good at getting their parties busted by the Derry Township Police, who are possibly the only thing worse in Hershey than the high school itself.
Did you hear about the party with Hershey High School students that got busted? Turns out somebody snitched them out again.

Hershey High School girls are so easy, a goalie from another school slept with three of them
by nacholover April 08, 2009
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