To have a huge weiner
Girl: That dude has a huge wang
Guy: He's a what?
Girl: A Hensel
by Hensel17 June 2, 2009
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Katie hensell is a girl with a great personality and body. She is very smart, athletic, and pretty even if sometimes she says she isn't. She Will hav a crush on a guy as soon as she meets him. She jokes around a lot but is very serious about her grades and sports. She loves her friends and family and adores dogs. She likes the color yellow and the number 10. She likes Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Boyce. If you are friends with her you are friends for life. Even if you get in stupid fights over nothing. Or fights that you think actually are serious, at the time, those fights will only make your friendship stronger. She will constantly ask if you will ever leave her and you will always tell the truth, "I will never leave you". She is super nice if she likes you so try and stay on her god side.
by Grokiela_nutella_5man April 4, 2018
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The act of committing the most pussified, chickenshit, cowardly, backstabbing and generally worthless move imaginable.
Michael really pulled a Martin Hensel when stole all the money from the Special Olympics charity benefit.
by Truthman406 May 1, 2018
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