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A bitch that calls upon his cousin to fight his battles for him, or a person who talks shit but can't back it up
Nico is Biggest Bitch that you seen thus far
The Biggest Bitch thus far
by G3arsOfDeath July 11, 2008
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Someone who is the biggest bitch ever. No one is, or ever will be a bigger bitch.
Hey Kyle glad to see your still the biggest bitch in the world.
by iKnowYouAreABitch September 1, 2015
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Dani is a emo caca bitch.

no one likes her.
dani is the worlds biggest emo caca bitch
by EMO CACA February 24, 2022
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The type of guy that your girlfriend dated before you. You know the type. Same height as her, wears jeans tighter than she does, probably has a perm. Overall just a huge doucher.
by GonzoBiggDogg December 9, 2019
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The biggest pussy at a party. Won’t commit to anything he says. A half-sender.
Steve is actually the biggest bitch, he won’t down that rona in one chug.
by maxreimer November 14, 2017
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