Pronounced: Hemay.
a word that one says when they find something someone cute or sexy
say you see a sexy person; and they do something sexy or cute. you say "hemme!"
by Steve the Cameraman November 15, 2009
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To set someone's computer desktop as, or to send someone a link of a grotesque picture of hemorrhoids. It is meant to be a joke, and is supposed to be a surprise to the victim.

Past tense-Hemmed
Dude, I love to hemm people. I so totally hemmed Gaby last night on Facebook! She completely freaked out!
by Adam Javoski January 22, 2010
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Paul C. Hemmes developed a fondness for film at an early age, fired by his paternal grandfather’s flair for home movies and his first screening of Squirm in 1976. While a fan of all types of films, genre films such as horror and science fiction are among his favorites. His educational credits to date include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Columbia College Chicago as well as a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. In addition to his Executive Producer role on the documentary, The Reptile Sanctuary, he also wrote, produced, and directed two feature films, The Domain (2007) and Dead Enders (2009), which he created under the banner of his multimedia company FANCY LAD FILMS.
Paul C. Hemmes, Hemmes, Hemmes, Paul C., Hemmes, Paul
by kymastyx September 17, 2009
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