Making use of every possible opportunity to make the life of a 'Helman' as pleasant as possible.
"I'm bored. What shall we do?"
"Lets go a'Helmaning'"
by Honj et Vonj March 28, 2005
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literally meaning "poo hole poker"; Most commonly used in the spanglish language meaning to "give it from behind".
Often this term was used in battle in late wars when someone was shot in the buttocks, or shot someone in the backside.
Man he really put the helman to her.

My firearm discharged on accident and gave my best friend quite the helman of an injury.
by anonymouswww November 14, 2007
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noah helman is the kind of guy who can sleep anywhere and is really bad at chemistry.
by bee1234567890 November 9, 2022
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