A beatiful, godly song with amazing lyrics, singing, instruments, everything is well done.

Hello, hello. Why are you still here? I need to know but I don't really care. Hello hello. Why am I still alive? I should already be dead in a lab.
by AutisticKid69 August 22, 2019
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Most famous in the FNAF game series.
The phone guy's most iconic sentence.
It is played on the very begining of the FNAF 1 first night.
And that also meanes you're doomed.
Player: clicks new game*
Phone guy: Uh, hello, hello hello!
Player: oh shit...
by word.org January 29, 2021
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World of Warships Youtuber Flamu uses this sentence as a Introduction for his Videos!
Hello Hello everyone, TODAY i am featuring the Tier 10 American Battleship Montana...
by CHRISSHUFFLE November 26, 2018
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