The word Hela means: Godness of underground. Undergrond is Hell. Hell is hot. So basically Hela is hot. Hela will be the most sexy girl you will ever meet. Every one wants her. She wants every boy with six pack and that is gentleman.
You look Hela. That means You look good.
by HOOOTBITCH February 23, 2017
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first off, it is spelled H-E-L-L-A, and it is a contraction of the words hell and of. It was first created and used in northern California ,i.e. San Francisco, in the late eighties early nineties. It actually is used to express emphasis. Similar to the word "very".
"Your definitions are hella wrong"
compared to...
"Your definitions are very wrong"
by supermiah55 October 20, 2003
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a girl who feeds her younger sibling vodka muffins and other various pastries that include drinks with large percentages of alcohol.
a hela can also be a girl who feeds her friends' younger siblings vodka muffins etc.
A: "dude, why's he eating vodka muffins?"
B: "because his big sister's a hela. DUH."

little brother: "i am so not gonna eat your jack daniels pancakes. stop being such a hela and get a life!"

by c.ramone September 1, 2008
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It's spelt "Hella" not "Hela" you freaking moron.
by Moobert July 28, 2003
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The way illiterate people spell "hella". Usually used by emo-types who don't like words larger than 4 letters.
Weezer was hela emo. Oh my god I hela need a girlfriend to cry about.
by A duck! July 28, 2003
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Is actually pronounced "Heh-(rl)-ah" like the japanese because they can't use "L" so they can say "Lilly likes to lick lemons"
Ohhh it'sa herla hot today! We need to get sungrasses!
by Ahh September 3, 2003
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