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1. Noun - A collection or entire slew of of hoes; a group of girls, though more commonly associated with those very outgoing, party-loving females.
See Also Heechies

2. Noun - A single female, usually in a close relationship or commitment with yourself. Can also be used to describe an extremely easy or slutty girl.

3. Verb - To embark upon searching for, or scouting females at a bar, party, social event, or simply on the streets. An act of debauchery or aldultery.
See Also Heeching
1. "Let's ride and check out the Heech, playa."

2. "My Heech is actin' a fool after she found out I slayed her best friend." or "You're such a Heech, I can't believe you slept with him and his boy ofter only one phone call"

3. "Listen dog, I'mma hafta let you go, cuz I'mma go Heech tonight. I'll call you later, so we hook up."
by Liquid Rhino May 17, 2004
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