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When anything contains a high dose of Chevy Chase and is therefore hilariously awesome.

Chevy Chase does not actually have to be physically present, as long as his spirit is embodied.

Heavy Chevy = good
Straight Lampooning = good
No more Chevy = lame (a.k.a. Friends or America's Funniest Home Videos after Bob Saget left the show)
Did you see Dale* trying to learn to ride a bike? It was Heavy Chevy!

*a 22-year-old noob with cheese stains on his crotch who still doesn't know how to ride a bike
by Heavy Chevy August 19, 2009
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Contrary to the other definitions, the term heavy chevy was originally used by General Motors as a trim package on the early 70's Chevrolet Chevelle's aimed at people who wanted muscle car looks for relatively low costs and lower insuarance rates.
-Is that an SS chevelle?
-Naw its a heavy chevy, cant afford the insurance for an SS
by Graham91 June 29, 2006
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A large, heavy chevy vehicle, such as a caprice or a tahoe. First used in lyrics by camaflauge.
Ridin in my heavy chevy blowin on some wood.
R.I.P. Camaflauge
by Big Bob November 18, 2004
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