One of the main characters in the 1989 movie Heathers and the 2014 musical. She is described as "a mythic bitch" and is often seen in red to describe her villainous ways. Theater nerds use this as a compliment or an insult similarly to Yolanda (In the heights). great overall bitch and inspiration to young kids. Her most famous quotes are,"Fuck me gently with a chainsaw" ,"Did you have brain tumor for breakfast", and finally "SHUT UP HEATHER".
That hoe is totally a Heather Chandler , she stole my phone.

Omg! Slay! You look like a total Heather Chandler in that!
by Heathers the Musical April 23, 2017
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A Heather Chandler is someone who is an absolute alpha bitch. She is beautiful and scary, even her friends are afraid of her. Everyone either wants to be her or wants to be with her.
With her red and black outfit and her bitchy tweets, she’s a real Heather Chandler
by Regina Chandler August 30, 2020
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To kill someone and disguise it as suicide, like Veronica and J. D. did in the movie Heathers.
"That girl is so annoying, I'm going to Commit Heather Chandler."
by Anabelle Manson April 12, 2018
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