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A misspelling of Rich Goranski, an antagonist turned decent of the musical and book Be More Chill. This misspelling is often associated with the character of the same name, a badly drawn parody that floated around musical-themed discords for a short while.
“Rich Goransk is the best musical character!”
“Do you mean Goranski?”
Ew no.”
by DeeIsCool September 19, 2020
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A character in an 80’s movie named Heathers and a musical by the same name. She is part of the “mean girl” clique of her school and often referred to as the nicest Heather. Her signature colour is yellow and she is usually portrayed with curly blonde hair worn in a ponytail with a yellow scrunchie and a 80’s-themed outfit that’s trendy for the times. Though she had depression and social anxiety, it doesn’t excuse her actions of bullying (which she did do) unlike what crazy fangirls and stans of her would claim. Actually quite nice when she’s away from Heather Chandler.
“Who’s your favourite Heather?”
“Heather McNamara UwU, she is such an innocent cinnamon roll who made no mistakes!!!1!1!”
“You do realise she was also a Heather, right?”
by DeeIsCool September 19, 2020
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Eliza (Elizabeth) is a character from Hamilton and arguably the best character in the entire show. She was incredibly loyal and forgiving, even staying with and caring for her husband after a scandal. She is often seen in a teal-ish Colonial-style dress to represent the fashion of the time and her calm personality. The wife of Alexander Hamilton, but may be shown dating Maria Reynolds, Martha Mannings or even Aaron Burr in some fanfictions. (Hamilton fanfic is scary sometimes)

In history, Elizabeth started up an orphanage to help any kid without a family that may need help, including children of colour and illegitimate children despite the social standards. She also stood for equality and fought againsy slavery and the patriarchy. Truly the best of wives and best of women.

Phillipa Soo plays her in the OBC which says enough about how amazing she is, though every Eliza actor is a queen just like her character.

She is secretly Rich Goranski from Be More Chill (aka my favourite character) and the reasons are:
- They both have blueish outfits
- They both described themselves as helpless
- Both of them have set things on fire
- Have you ever seen them in the same room together?

That part was a joke... or was it?

Anyway stan Eliza or we can’t be friends, she’s such a strong woman and doesn’t get enough credit compared to Angelica.
Eliza Schuyler is the true hero of Hamilton
by DeeIsCool September 19, 2020
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