Someone whose talent is extraordinary because what they do is from the heart.
Jerry's talent for video restoration and editing comes from the heart; he's a heartist.
by HOLcreator December 9, 2016
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One who lives/creates/cooperates from the Heart.
Love is the Muse of the Heartist.

Awakening to a One Heart World, each Heartist must find their way to the source of passion within, step into the river of inspiration and flow with moment to unveil the mystery of Self.
by WordSprite August 29, 2009
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"heartistic" means "heartfelt", "affective", "affectionate", "warm-hearted", "nice", "emotional", and "right-brain"
Stranded out in the middle of nowhere, I resorted to hitchhiking, and a kind person stopped, after which we had a most heartistic conversation and became pen-pals!
by Willow Sprite May 13, 2023
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