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A girl who looks evil on the outside but inside she has the best personality. This person does not like to show their bright side in public but only during private conversations. On some occasions this person turns on a psychopath look
Hey you see that girl over there. I hear she's a "hazirah"
by H8tor October 26, 2016
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She can be most beautiful thing in your life, she can be everything all at once. The anger, the hate and the jealousy u get from her, some reason gets so attractive. Shes so hot to look at from every perspective, she is like a chocolate fudge brownie with a razor blade inside, treat her well or she will cut you. In other words, eat her properly or u get shanked in the mouth. She needs attention and she needs to be pampered but all will be worth it after you see that smile. That smile is good enough to make u happy for years. And you will never forget that, she is just perfect.
OH MAI!! Hazirah is so respectable and amazing! I LOVE HER!
by DANVANS May 19, 2018
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