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Hazey is the kind of girl who doesn't like to be noticed outside of her small group of friends. She's very talkative and outgoing, she just likes to keep very few people close to her because she's seen even the closest of friends get stabbed in the back by each other. The only time she's out spoken in large crowds is if she sees someone is being bullied. She's been bullied herself and can't stand it! If you see a girl named Hazey, make sure to give her a nice smile. A smile can brighten up anyone's day!
"You see that girl over their?"
"What girl? You mean Hazey?"
"Yeah.. Do you know her?"
"Yeah," I smiled "She's helped me through allot."
by Dawn~~ December 01, 2013
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If human shit had an identity its name would be Hazey. Hazey is the guy that tries to be cool but he isn't at all. In every conversation he talks louder than everyone and tells complete lies. He tries acting stronger, faster, smarter, and says he is the most attractive male on the planet but, actually, miscarriages are due to looking at Hazey's face. Hazey thinks it's cool to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day because it makes him look " mature" but, ironically, his voice squeaks like hes being porked. If you find a Hazey bagging your groceries call him a skeever and tell him to take some proactive.
Danny: Hey you see that guy on the bike with the Wal-Mart uniform on?
Steph: Yeah he totally has a tiny penis
Jason: I bet he shit his pants running the mile
Danny: I had sex with his mom
Jason: Who hasn't?
Steph: Hazey cant run a 4.4
by Jason Geb December 09, 2011
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